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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were developed to transform the world by presenting a unified vision to end poverty, reduce inequality and prevent further harm to the planet.

The 17 SDGs define global priorities and aspirations for 2030, and represent an opportunity to eliminate extreme poverty and place the world on a sustainable path.

We focus on eight of the SDGs where we believe we can have the most significant impact.


Our purpose is aligned to the SDGs. We believe that our solutions to drive digital and financial inclusion can enhance the achievement of these goals.

How are we contributing?

Vodacom’s Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) helps health facilities to monitor stock availability of medications with more than 27 million stock level reports submitted by over 4 000 health facilities in South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria.

AitaHealth supports government to quantitatively understand the state of healthcare in communities with more than 250 000 households and 740 000 individuals registered and screened on the platform since its launch in 2014.

Vodacom’s school management application is used in 11 800 schools in Nigeria and South Africa. More than 7 million learner attendances were captured on the School Management Platform.

The Vodacom Foundation spent over R8.6 million on free connectivity to 92 teacher centres.

The ‘Code like a Girl’ programme aims to teach young girls how to code; with 1 498 young girls trained on coding skills.

In Lesotho, the Vodacom Foundation implemented the Nokaneng app which provides information on curbing gender-based violence with over 1 594 registered users.

In Tanzania, Wazazi Nipendeni, a mobile health platform, disseminates relevant maternal health information with over R1.2 million subscribers.

The Vodacom Foundation partnered with United Nations Women and South African Women in Farming to train more than 1 000 female farmers in ICT skills since inception in 2019.

In Mozambique, Vodacom’s YA programme offers an affordable tariff plan and lifestyle services to young people with more than 177 000 active users.

M-Pesa has grown to provide the largest reach of any financial services provider on the African continent, with more than 36.1 million customers and processing over 11 billion transactions annually.

Our new nano-lending platforms in Kenya and Tanzania provides an overdraft functionality to 17 million customers to access basic needs such as food and electricity.

We introduced prepaid device financing, enabling customers with no credit facilities to pay for 4G devices in instalments in South Africa.

To drive price transformation in the DRC we have significantly reduced data prices, by 63% in the past three years.

The beneficiary management solution enables the Zambian Social Welfare Programme to register and assess more than 700 000 households and 2.2 million individuals in Zambia.

Our IoT connections have enabled carbon savings of 224 004 mtCO2e for our customers. This is through 3 000 commercial electricity smart meters, 7 250 residential electricity smart meters and 83 004 smart logistics and fleet management capabilities.

Vodacom has over 950 solar-powered network sites across all our markets.

The Vodacom Foundation, through the Disaster Relief Fund, spent close to R7 million to drill boreholes and install and refill Jojo water tanks with drinkable water at 85 schools and teacher centres in South Africa.

Vodacom advocates for sustainable development, using our global footprint to influence others to do the same. We pursue an active social agenda and through the work of Vodacom Foundation, we work in partnership with governments and non-governmental organisations in many of our markets to accelerate socio-economic transformation and a better future for all.