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Empowering people

We believe in the power of connectivity and digital services to strengthen economic resilience.

We create digital societies by continuously developing our fixed and mobile network, relevant platforms and services, and supporting innovative, impactful projects and programmes. We acknowledge the significant digital divide in Africa and believe that for a digital society to flourish, it must be inclusive.

Closing the digital gap Extending our network and making connectivity more accessible to all.

We connect people, enterprises and communities through our mobile and fixed networks.

Pursuing ubiquitous coverage

Connecting everyone to digital services, particularly in Africa, is a significant challenge. Expanding rural networks can often be more challenging and offer a lower return on investment due to lower population densities. New approaches, partnerships and a blend of technologies will help us overcome some of these barriers and deliver universal coverage.

Through the International Telecommunications Union’s partner2Connect programme, Vodacom has an ongoing 5-year pledge to extend 4G population coverage to 70 million people across our footprint.

The 2Africa subsea cable, the world’s most extensive system, is connected to Vodacom networks in South Africa and Mozambique. The 2Africa project will underpin the further growth of 4G, 5G and fixed broadband access and improve network resilience and connectivity to underserved and rural areas.

We continue to increase our investment in rural areas to overcome barriers to connectivity and digitisation.

Increasing smartphone ownership

We offer affordable entry-level smartphones and considered financial solutions to broaden device ownership.

We run programmes aimed at reducing the cost of smartphones:

  • Apply 4G device subsidies, discounts and offers tailored to low-income communities.
  • Partnerships to make affordable 4G smartphones available.
  • Offer financing to customers to shift from 2G to 4G handsets through programmes such as Pouko Pouko and M-Pesa financing.
  • Customers can also purchase device through the Miliki simu Lipa Mdogo Mdogo in Tanzania and Buy Now Pay Later schemes in Egypt which support affordability.
  • Through Easy2Own, customers in South Africa can purchase a smartphone with a once-off deposit and complete the payment through affordable monthly payments over the following 11 months.

Addressing digital gaps

Access to mobile connectivity is persistently unequal, with women, people with disabilities, and those within low-income, rural and underserved communities less likely to own mobile phones and access financial and other services. We have initiatives to reduce the cost of data, make our pricing affordable, and increase bundle validity to support users, including youth and low-income households.

  • ConnectU in South Africa, DRC and Mozambique provides access to essential free services and resources.
  • Boa Internet in Mozambique, which provides youth-focused emergency, life-saving and general health and citizenship information is offered as a zero-rated service.
  • EYANO in DRC provides free on-demand access to public service information through interactive voice response, SMS and USSD, connecting people living in rural areas, especially women.
  • Just4YourTown in South Africa uses census data to identify low to average income towns and communicates offers specific to these areas.
  • Through Just4You we provide customers with personalised offers for voice, SMS and data based on what they use the most in order to save them money.
  • Everyday-Ta bundles are affordable contract plans in South Africa whereby customers receive a daily data bundle.
  • We offer airtime and data advances to customers who run out of airtime to keep them connected.

Empowering our customers Providing products and services to help address societal challenges increase productivity and enable SMEs to thrive.

We help people and businesses to achieve their potential through our products and services.

Working with various partners and subsidiary companies, we target digital solutions that assist individuals to participate in the formal economy while helping businesses and governments to work more efficiently, enabling them to serve more people.

Delivering platforms for financial inclusion

Without the ability to transfer money, people struggle to save, access loans, start a business, pay their bills or receive payment. We work with various licensed banking and financial services providers to enable people in remote areas to access payments, loans and savings on their mobile devices.

Vodacom Financial Services in South Africa

The VodaPay super app democratises access to financial services including telco products, bill payments, insurance and lending to both Vodacom and non-Vodacom customers.

VodaPay payment solutions

  • Kwika is an affordable card acceptance device that allows merchants to accept card payments.
  • The Tap on Phone app enables merchants to turn their smartphones into card machines.

Lending and advance solutions

  • VodaLend Cash Advance is a nano-lending solution that provides affordable access to funds for customers who have the greatest need for it, but have historically been unable to access funds due to high fees and difficult-to navigate paperwork.
  • VodaLend Business Cash Advance provides funding of up to R1.5 million for merchants using one of our card machines.
  • Business Term Advance provides fast, easy, paperless access for up to R5 million in funding to business customers.

Insurance solutions

  • We offer various insurance solutions which include life, funeral and device cover.

VF Cash

VF Cash in Egypt is an e-wallet and financial services platform catering to the banked and unbanked. It offers money transfer, e-commerce, insurance, savings, donation, services and utility, merchant and tuition payments.


M-Pesa is Africa’s biggest financial services provider based on transactions processed. M-Pesa delivers financial inclusion by providing financial services to people and businesses with a mobile phone and limited access to a bank account.


Supporting SMEs to thrive in a digital world

We provide business support and innovative technology to foster their development. We support entrepreneurs, start-ups, small enterprises and our SME suppliers by delivering connectivity, tailored platforms, solutions, products and services, training and financial support. We connect SMEs through guidance on available solutions, advice.

  • V-Hub in South Africa and Egypt is an online resource portal that connects SMEs to expert advice, information on operating in a digitalised world, web development, digital marketing, remote working and cyber security, and a diverse software-as-a- service and digital solutions portfolio. Central to the hub is the V-Hub Knowledge Centre, a virtual repository that acts as an open library offering digital tools and resources spanning tech and innovation.
  • Through the Digital Accelerator in Tanzania and Shark Tank Egypt, we support start-ups and directly assist promising entrepreneurs.
  • Through Mozambique’s local content development programme, SMEs are trained in basic management, compliance, and potential supply chain readiness.
  • We provide cyber security integrated solutions and support to our business customers through Vodacom Business’ security incident and event monitoring and security operations centre.

Digitalising larger organisations and critical sectors

We work with organisations to provide carefully selected digital products and services to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Smart metering in South Africa allows municipalities and businesses to reduce carbon emissions and revenue losses.
  • Our utility asset management in South Africa facilitates remote monitoring and the optimal management and maintenance of assets.
  • Fleet management solutions give organisations full visibility of their assets and use data analytics to improve efficiencies and manage risks.
  • Vodacom SmartGov which is purpose-built for the unique challenges of the South African government.
  • The Government’s Electronic Payment Gateway is used by Tanzanian government institutions to support transactions with citizens.
  • Track-and-trace wearable device solutions in South Africa with a linked data insights dashboard that gives real-time feedback to health and safety officers.
  • Cold Chain in Egypt which is a real-time IoT humidity and temperature monitor to minimise stock loss

Digitalising healthcare

We work with key strategic partners in the health sector to support health and social care providers to benefit from the opportunities that digital tools and better access to data offer.

  • We support health facilities in South Africa through technical solutions such as HealthX, eLABS , Stock Visibility Solution, Computer Aided Dispatch, and Assisted Reality Medico-legal Surveillance System.
  • We spearheaded the largest digital transformation of the Egyptian healthcare sector by leading the charge on the Universal Health Insurance initiative and digitalising Egyptian University Hospitals.
  • We partner with Egypt Air Hospital and Airport Clinics to offer cloud healthcare services and solutions.
  • Mum & Baby, is a mobile health service that provides information on maternal, neonatal and child health and well-being.
  • We continue to support the government-led, technology based, affordable emergency transport system known as m-mama.

Digitalising agriculture

We partner with our subsidiaries, Mezzanine, M-Pesa and IoT.nxt, to provide various agricultural digitisation tools and platforms that enable efficient distribution and use of inputs, unlock markets and facilitate payments.

Mezzanine offers solutions such as MYFARMWEBTM and e-Vuna to digitalise and transform agricultural practices.

M-Kulima in Tanzania is an easy-to-use mobile and web-based platform that enables multiple stakeholders to communicate and transact with farmers to provide digital payments and advisory services.

Supporting communities Supporting the digitalisation of education and leveraging technology to address gender-based violence and assist people living with disabilities.

We aim to positively impact communities in the areas in which we operate, focusing on youth, the underserved and marginalised people.

We leverage the transformative power of connectivity to expand access to high-quality education, support jobseekers to enter the future-focused world of work and assist people living with disabilities or experiencing abuse.

Enabling education

Our school management platforms and digital and connectivity solutions drive efficiency in educational institutions.

  • Our e-learning, e-Fahamu, VodaEduc and Ta3limy solutions allow learners to access curriculum-aligned content and educators and parents to access learning materials on their smartphones with no data charges.
  • Instant Network Schools gives young refugees, host communities and their teachers access to digital learning content and the internet, improving the quality of education in some of the most marginalised communities in Africa.

Supporting jobseekers and empowering youth

We support those seeking employment and opportunities through affordable connectivity, job platforms and work experience activities

  • We provide free access to digital training courses through the Mzansi Digital Learning platform.
  • The Vodacom Digital Lab in Tanzania promotes sustainable digital connectivity and skills development.
  • NXT LVL in South Africa offers registered youth customers connectivity and preferential rates on value bundles and devices, digital skills, lifestyle and entertainment services.
  • The Vodacom Elite programme in DRC, which aims to provide a transformative experience for future leaders younger than 30, represents a unique opportunity for talented young people to join Vodacom and gain valuable experience in the digital field.
  • Our bursary programmes support full-time undergraduate students and internship programme provides a fixed-term contract, which provides workplace experience underpinned by a carefully designed training programme.

Helping people with disabilities

We enable people with disabilities to stay connected, live a better life today and build a better tomorrow.

Vodacom is a signatory to the GSMA’s principles for driving the digital inclusion of persons with disabilities.

We invest in assistive technologies to empower persons with disabilities from primary school to university level, including:

  • A text-based emergency service for D/deaf customers using emergency SMSs and Vodacom’s 112 emergency app.
  • An interactive voice response voicemail option, which allows callers to send a detailed SMS to a hearing-impaired customer instead of leaving a voice message.
  • Smart digital training centres to train people with disabilities in the use of devices.
  • The National Relay Service enables our customers who are D/deaf, hearing-impaired, hard of hearing or speech-impaired to communicate in real time with hearing family or friends.
  • A call centre for deaf and hard-of-hearing customers which uses a specialised bundle for free video calls.
  • The Insight Centre in Lesotho is a 4G-supported library at the State Library, providing visually impaired persons with equal access to information.

Helping people experiencing abuse

We work with various partners to leverage digital technology to help fight the scourge of gender-based violence (GBV).

Vodacom Foundation’s approach to the GBV ecosystem has two pillars:

  • Prevention: Applications that allow users to assess whether they or someone they know is in an abusive relationship by completing a risk assessment questionnaire in a bid to keep them safe.
  • Empowerment of GBV survivors located in shelters with digital literacy training.