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Inclusion for all

We believe that the opportunities and promise of a better digital future should be accessible to all, and we are committed to ensuring that the more vulnerable are not left behind on the journey to that future.

Through our technology, we will help bridge the divides that exist in our societies, not widen them. We are committed to ensure that the more vulnerable are not left behind on the journey toward a digital future particularly for women and young people.

Access to mobile technology provide transformative benefits for people in vulnerable communities, particularly for women and the youth.

Our goal is to democratise digitisation, ensuring that everyone can benefit from technology and is part of the digital society. We believe that owning a mobile phone can enhance an individual’s physical and economic security, provide access to education, skills and employment opportunities, and support good health and wellbeing.

Our digital solutions are connecting women and youth, promoting education, health and wellness, and preparing the youth for a digital society. By connecting women, we will help to ensure health and wellbeing, build skills and promote entrepreneurship to ensure that women reach their full potential.

By connecting and democratising education for young people, we will upskill the next generation and help them to succeed in tomorrow’s digital economy.


Connecting over 10.6 million lives through our education programmes by 2025 across all our markets.

  • Instant School and e-School:
    Provides access to online education content at no cost.

    Youth propositions:
    Our youth platforms support and empower young people, through affordable devices and preferential rates on value bundles.

    Code like a girl:
    Exposes young girls to the language of computers and coding.

    Connectivity in schools:
    Vodacom provides connectivity to schools at no cost.

Women empowerment and diversity

Connecting over 9 million lives through our youth and women empowerment programmes by 2025 in South Africa.

  • To reach 38% female at F band and above by 2023 across all our markets.

    Mum and Baby:
    Mum & Baby provides subscribers with information relating to maternal, neonatal and child health, and well-being.

    GBV programmes:
    Vodacom has implemented various programmes including digital technologies to help fight against GBV.

    Women in leadership:
    Vodacom focuses on equal pay, supports work-life balance, enables access for women to managerial positions and strives for a gender balance in all areas of the business.

SME development

500 SMEs trained and developed on various skills by 2025 across all our markets.

  • Preferential payment terms: Our preferential payment terms facilitates the payment of SMEs, within three days from date of invoice.

    Innovator trust: The Innovator Trust empowers competent SMEs through training, skills sharing and infrastructure support.