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Financial services

Digital Personal Finance and Business Solutions

Vodacom Financial Services offers you an ecosystem of convenient digital personal finance and business solutions for your everyday transacting. Specifically designed to be flexible, affordable and accessible to more people than ever before.

Now you have a suite of innovative payment, lending and insurance solutions at your fingertips. At Vodacom Financial Services our digital finance solutions require little to no paperwork and fast turnaround times.

Vodacom Financial Services | Business Solutions

VodaPay | Point of Sales
Digital payment solutions to help you transact more efficiently with your customers.

VodaLend | Business Cash Advance
Provides SMEs with a range of innovative funding solutions like Business Cash Advance. Your repayments are linked to the amount of money you’re earning every day. So, when you’re not trading, you’re not paying.

VodaSure | Group Schemes
Ensure that your employees have the right funeral and life cover in place to financially support their families should the worst happen.

VodaTrade | Trading Bridge
With Vodacom Ordering Solution (VOS) and VodaTrade Supplier Portal buyers and sellers you can automate your ordering systems and achieve your business goals.

Business Legal Cover
Unexpected legal events can negatively impact the wellbeing of your business. With Business Legal Cover you can focus on growing your business while the experts help with your complex legal matters.

Vodacom Financial Services | Personal Solutions

VodaPay: Digital payments from the palm of your hand

VodaPay | App
Your secure mobile digital payments app allows you to make payments from the palm of your hand. Settle your monthly bills like your TV License, municipal account, DSTV, traffic fines and so much more. You don’t even have to be a Vodacom customer to use it. Anyone with a valid South African cell number and a bank card can use the app. Download the VodaPay | App on your mobile device today.

VodaSure - Short-term cover from the palm of your hand

VodaSure | Device Cover – Insure against the loss, theft or damage of your device
With VodaSure you can choose cover options that meet your needs. Replace your lost or stolen device within 48 hours – nationwide. Premiums start from R20 a month, call 082 1952 for more.

VodaSure | Hero Assist – Emergency assistance just a call away
The Hero Bundle offers you four important services including Home assist for emergency home repairs, Home drive assist to get you home safely, Roadside assist to get you unstuck and Home Security Assist for only R69. Click here or call 082 178 00 to find out more.

VodaSure | Legal – Expert legal advice in the palm of your hand
Legal advice is just a phone call away. Gain access to our Legal Library, Litigation Lifeline and Unlimited Legal Advice from qualified legal experts. Call 082 178 00 for legal cover.

VodaSure – Your long-term cover

VodaSure | Life Cover – Affordable cover for you and your family
Experience personalised premiums based on your risk profile and personal circumstances. Secure cover in ten minutes and enjoy a 20% discount on your premiums – for life. No medical tests or complicated forms required.

VodaSure | Funeral Cover – Comprehensive cover for a dignified farewell
Affordable comprehensive funeral cover for you and your family. Choose the cover that meets your specific needs from R10 000 to R50 000. To secure your funeral cover dial *135*187# or call 082 124 for an obligation free quote.

VodaLend – Digital funding solutions

VodaLend | Airtime Advance – Stay in contact when your cash flow is low
When you need to stay in contact but you can’t afford to, we’ll advance you airtime. Pay it back the next time you recharge. It’s a great way to stay in touch when your cash flow is low.

Find out if you qualify for Airtime Advance, dial *135*082#

Why partner with Vodacom Financial Services?

Improved simplicity for you

Through automation and digital enhancements, we make sure that we simplify all our financial services solutions for your convenience.

Your digital finance partner

Every solution we’ve developed so far was done with you in mind. Vodacom Financial Services is more than just a fintech – We’re your trusted partner in digital finance.

Affordable Innovation

Empower your finances with affordable but essential new digital solutions perfectly tailored to meet your specific lifestyle requirements.

Financial Solutions

Whether you need insurance, payment services or lending facilities, Vodacom Financial Services can help you to manage your finances more effectively.

Why choose Vodacom Financial Services

Fast, effective and agile

All our transactions and applications are digital which means we can deliver quickly, effectively and adapt according to your needs.

Safe and secure transactions

Using the best industry standards, we ensure that your personal data has the best level of protection.

Customisable offerings

Every individual is different. We are able to tailor our digital finance solutions according to your lifestyle needs.

Customer experience

We believe in partnering with you. You receive seamless personalised digital solutions across all your business channels.