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Analyst coverage & consensus

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Analyst coverage

Bank Analyst  
Absa Niel Venter
Avior Research Daniel King
BofA Securities Cesar Tiron
Citigroup Global Markets Rohit Modi

Georgios Ierodiaconou
Goldman Sachs Group Degtyarev Vyacheslav
HSBC Sunil Rajgopal HSBC
Investec Louise Pillay
JP Morgan Jonathan Kennedy-Good JP Morgan
New Street Research Alastair Jones
Renaissance Capital David Ferguson Renaissance Capital
RMB Morgan Stanley Vikhyat Sharma
Standard Bank Group Securities Nadim N Mohamed
UBS John Kim


Legal Disclaimer

Vodacom believes the information displayed on this page to be reliable and the data is a collation of financial estimates from third parties. Vodacom does not warrant or represent the accuracy, completeness or validity of this information, nor the figures or calculations arising from this information. Vodacom shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage arising from reliance on, or use of, information available on this page and/or the associated calculations, nor for any errors or omissions in its content.

We aim to publish a consolidated view of sell-side analyst financial estimates, known as 'consensus', ahead of and post our annual and interim results

Our latest consensus is as follows (based on 14 analysts):

Consensus (Rm, unless otherwise stated)
FY21e FY22e FY23e
Service Revenue 77,354 80,240 83,651
– of which SA 55,744 58,018 60,108
– of which International 22,641 23,514 24,926
Operating profit (incl associates) 28,507 29,490 31,393
HEPS (R cents) 1,021 1,067 1,145
DPS (R cents) 824 878 943