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Our purpose

Vodacom exists to connect for a better future.

We recognise that to deliver on this purpose, ESG must be integrated into what we do.

ESG is not a distinct strategy or set of activities separate from our daily management of the business; it is embedded into Vodacom’s purpose-led strategy, business model and activities through priority ESG initiatives.

Our strategy is underpinned by our purpose pillars, our Social Contract and our responsible business practices – all of which form our ESG framework. This enables us to manage ESG risks and deliver positive impact through ESG-related opportunities.

Our ESG approach reflects our operating context and considers ESG-related regulations, stakeholder expectations and developments in reporting standards.

We have defined targeted ESG goals linked to local and global ambitions, such as local government development plans and UN SDGs.

Purpose pillars

Digital society

Connecting people and things, and digitalising critical sectors

Digitalising business Providing products and services to support enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Digitalising critical sectors Supporting the digitalisation of education, healthcare and agriculture with specific products and services
Digitalising government Using our technology to amplify productivity and efficiencies, and enable better connectivity with citizens
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Inclusion for all

Ensuring everyone has access to the benefits of a digital society

Access for all Finding new ways to extend our network and make connectivity more accessible to everyone
Propositions for equality Providing relevant products and services to address societal challenges such as gender equality and financial inclusion
Workplace equality Developing a diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the customers and societies we serve
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Reducing our environmental impact and helping society decarbonise

Responding to climate change Working to reduce our environmental impact and transition to a low-carbon future
Decreasing scope 1 & 2 emissions Pursuing energy efficiency measures and sourcing renewable energy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
Managing scope 3 emissions Influencing our supply chain to reduce our indirect emissions
Driving circularity Driving action to reduce waste and progressing against our target to reduce consumption and reuse, resell and recycle
Supporting biodiversity Understanding and managing our impact on biodiversity
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Social Contract


To achieve our purpose, we aim to strengthen our reputation by safeguarding the trust of our stakeholders and ensuring that digital connectivity delivers on its full potential for responsible leadership and innovation. Our Social Contract is a pact to activate and accelerate our purpose initiatives to help strengthen trust across all stakeholder groups and maintain positive relationships. Our Social Contract is built on three core principles.


Building trust with our customers through simplified and transparent pricing, customer-orientated solutions and reducing our environmental impact


Ensuring fairness and promoting digital inclusivity through enhanced access to digital products, services and infrastructure


Demonstrating responsible leadership through innovation in IoT and mobile financial services, leadership in convergence and solutions that benefit society

Responsible business practices

Protecting data

Customers trust us with their data and maintaining this trust is critical

Data privacy
Respecting our customers' privacy preferences and helping improve society by using data responsibly

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Cyber security
Prioritising cyber and information security across everything we do

Protecting people

Health and safety
Creating a safe working environment for everyone working for and on behalf of Vodacom

Masts, mobile phones and health
Operating our networks within national regulations

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Humans right
Contributing to the protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms

Responsible supply chain
Managing relationships with our direct suppliers and evaluating their commitments to diversity, inclusion and the environment

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Business integrity

Ensuring that our business operates ethically, lawfully and with integrity wherever we operate

Tax and economic contribution
Contributing to the economies of the countries in which we operate as a major investor, taxpayer and employer

Anti-bribery and corruption
Holding a zero-tolerance policy on bribery, corruption and fraud


Transparency and measurement

Our ESG activities are communicated through comprehensive disclosures. By effectively communicating how we manage ESG risks and opportunities, our stakeholders can make informed decisions on our ESG values and performance. We measure our progress using mechanisms such as ESG ratings, reputation tracking and stakeholder feedback.