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Stakeholder engagement

Our approach to stakeholder engagement

Vodacom’s ability to create sustainable value depends on quality engagements with our stakeholders based on mutual trust, respect and transparency. We aim to build, maintain and strengthen these relationships by understanding and addressing a range of social, economic and environment-related issues to align stakeholders with our purpose-led journey.

Below we provide a summary of why and how we engage with various stakeholder groups as well as their material interests and expectations. Further information can be found in the Social & Relationship Capital section of our FY2023 Integrated Report and in terms of Principle 16 of King IV in our FY2023 Corporate Governance Report.


Why we engage

Our customers purchase our products and services, participate on our platforms and provide the primary source of our revenue.

How we engage
  • Through research via unstructured supplementary service data, apps, SMS, focus groups, online panels, face-to-face, customer immersions.
  • At our retail stores and service centres.
  • Gathering NPS feedback through interviews and focus groups.
  • Interactions on our social media channels.
  • Targeted marketing messaging.
  • Complaints management system.
Material stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Providing easily accessible, affordable and quality products, including credit and savings products, to improve financial inclusion.
  • Ensuring widespread agent network and float availability.
  • Providing a reliable and fast network connection, including expanded rural coverage. Enabling access to a wide network of payment partners.
  • Securing data and protecting personal information.
  • Providing swift customer service and resolving service-related issues promptly.


Why we engage

Our relationships with the communities in which we operate can impact our brand and reputation. We therefore aim to be a responsible business and understand the impact of our activities on these communities.

How we engage
  • Through sustainability and Vodacom Foundation partnerships.
  • Community crisis support, such as food security support.
  • Partnerships with non-profit organisations.
  • Psychosocial support in schools.
  • Green early childhood development (ECD) centre programme.
  • Online gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF) prevention tools and platforms.
Material stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Addressing the profound socio-economic impact of COVID-19.
  • Support through our HealthX platform.
  • Managing and reducing our environmental footprint.
  • Supporting the fight against GBVF.
  • Providing affordable access to educational resources.
  • Zero-rating access to government, employment and empowerment solutions through ConnectU.
Additional information on our engagement with communities can be found in the Africa.connected section here.


Why we engage

Our employees drive our strategy with their ideas, skills, experience and productivity.

How we engage
  • Internal communication campaigns.
  • Big Conversation moments and fireside chats.
  • Internal website and Vodacom Engage app.
  • Training and development programmes, such as #1MoreSkill and Women in Leadership.
  • Through a dedicated employee hotline and employee network forums.
  • Leadership roadshows.
  • Pulse surveys.
  • We Connect sessions with Vodafone.
Material stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Providing a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment.
  • Ensuring job security and business sustainability given the macroeconomic environment.
  • Creating opportunities for digital skills development to promote agility.
  • Hosting connects sessions for coaching and mentoring.
  • Facilitating communication and knowledge sharing across Vodacom.
  • Providing competitive remuneration and equal pay.
  • Driving transformation and localisation.

Investors and shareholders

Why we engage

Our investors and shareholders provide the financial capital we need for long-term growth, and they expect good returns based on sustainable and ethical business practices.

How we engage
  • In-person and virtual meetings, roadshows and conferences.
  • Investor briefing on the digital ecosystem.
  • Chairman roadshow.
  • Interim and annual results announcements.
  • Quarterly trading updates.
  • Annual and interim reports.
  • Stock exchange announcements.
  • Monthly and quarterly reviews with Vodafone.
  • Investor relations section on our website.
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting.
  • Integrated report and ESG disclosures
Material stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Maintaining first-class strategic execution given the acceleration in Vodacom’s strategy.
  • Aligning the strategy with capital structure and returns.
  • Balancing enhanced growth prospects with an updated dividend policy.
  • Engaging on executive remuneration.
  • Driving societal and enterprise value creation.
  • Revenue diversification strategy.
  • Managing and mitigating risk.

Government and regulators

Why we engage

Governments and regulators allocate spectrum and operating licences and impose regulatory measures with cost implications for the Group. We continue to engage with these stakeholders in a way that builds trust and ethically influences policy positions across government departments.

How we engage
  • Directly or by participating in public forums.
  • Taking part in the drafting process of new regulations and bills.
  • Having discussions with industry consultative bodies.
  • Partnering to implement social programmes.
  • Engaging with international bodies to foster cooperation.
  • Hosting workshops to enhance understanding of the industry.
  • Delivering on our Social Contract.
Material stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Complying with regulatory requirements relating to, among others, mobile termination rates, pricing, security, safety, health and environmental performance.
  • Protecting personal information and customer data in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Contributing to the tax base and other revenue streams of governments in our operating countries.
  • Managing the supply of spectrum to satisfy increased demand.
  • Partnering to achieve the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Expanding 5G network in South Africa and 4G across our markets in Africa.
  • Maintaining and enhancing our licence to operate across our footprint.
  • Creating employment opportunities and facilitating socio-economic development.

Additional information on our engagement with government and regulators can be found in the public policy reports here.


Why we engage

Our suppliers provide cost- effective, quality products and services to support our value proposition to customers, employees and other stakeholders.

How we engage
  • Supplier development programmes.
  • Supplier forums and portals.
  • Regular site visits.
  • Tenders.
  • Supplier audits and assessments.
  • Supplier product evolution and service levels.
  • Latest supplier developments and roadmaps consisting of improvements in requests of proposals, request of interest and requests for quotations.
Material stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Providing growth opportunities and access to funding for small and medium enterprises.
  • Ensuring timely payments of accounts to enhance supplier cash flow and liquidity.
  • Promoting environmental solutions.
  • Driving supplier and product innovation.
  • Complying with broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) requirements, including preferential payment terms for B-BBEE suppliers.
  • Promoting black female-owned suppliers.


Why we engage

We engage to manage our brand and reputation while increasing customer product and service awareness

How we engage
  • In person, virtually or through telephonic engagements.
  • CEO and key executive interviews and other speaking engagements.
  • Round table discussions.
  • Through product and service launches.
  • Media press releases.
  • Strategic social media content.
  • Thought leadership articles.
  • Engaging with government departments and non-governmental organisations.
Material stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Engaging with brand ambassadors.
  • Providing timely and transparent access to key information, activities and offerings.
  • Ensuring transparency around Group performance.

Business partners

Why we engage

Our business partners – franchisees, retailers, wholesalers, freelancers, agents, merchants, aggregators and banks – are custodians of our reputation and a critical extension of our brand.

How we engage
  • Regular interaction and collaboration sessions with regional trade representatives.
  • One-on-one business sessions.
  • Regular training sessions and roadshows on products and services.
  • Through agent outlets, stores and retail visits.
  • Long-term sustainable partnerships with channels.
  • Credit support to enterprises.
Material stakeholder interests and expectations
  • Providing overdraft and loan facilities for agents to manage cash flow.
  • Ensuring widespread agent network and float availability.
  • Driving engagement and feedback between management and key trade partners.
  • Making it quicker and easier to work with M-Pesa and VodaPay.
  • Revenue diversification strategy.
  • Managing and mitigating risk.