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Our strategy

Our strategy. What we need to do.

  • 1

    Segmented propositions

    We develop a deep insight into our customers’ needs, wants and behaviours, and provide propositions to lead in chosen segments.

    Segmented propositions
    PDF - 632KB
  • 2

    Financial services

    We scale our financial services offerings to empower the lives of our customers through financial inclusion.

    Financial services
    PDF - 1MB
  • 3

    Digital content platforms

    We grow into new verticals of digital services to better serve our customers and create value.

    Digital content
    platforms PDF - 655KB
  • 4

    Enterprise digitalisation

    We partner with enterprises to accelerate their growth and transform their businesses through digital technology.

    Enterprise digitalisation PDF - 895KB
  • 5

    Best customer experience

    We provide a seamless, frictionless and personalised digital experience for our customers.

    Best customer experience
    PDF - 676KB
  • 6

    Best technology

    We aim to be the leading telco in all markets through the best network and IT excellence, with digital at the core.

    Best technology
    PDF - 864KB
  • 7

    Digital organisation and culture

    We build an organisation of the future, where digital is first and underpinned by innovation, agility and new skills.

    Digital organisation
    and culture PDF - 667KB
  • 8

    Our brand and reputation

    We aspire to be a purpose-led organisation, connecting for a better future by enabling a digital society, inclusive for all, with the least environmental impact.

    Our brand and
    reputation PDF - 695KB