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Curve tracker keeping customers connected to things they love

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Vodacom announced the launch of a smart GPS tracker as the first product under its new ‘Designed & Connected by Vodacom’ range, which features multipurpose consumer smart tech solutions.

The new GPS tracker, Curve, is an invaluable device for those who want to keep an eye on their prized possessions such as car keys, laptops, and even school kit bags. Curve can also help you stay connected to the people you love the most, and can even be used to monitor the whereabouts of your beloved fur baby. The small and lightweight device attaches to almost anything, and being water and dust proof, it’s ready for any adventure.

According to Deloitte’s Industry 4.0 report, whilst there has been an uptake in South Africa of IoT applications, more innovation needs to occur before the widespread adoption of IoT applications locally. With 80 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet globally by 2025, the launch of Designed & Connected by Vodacom, emphasises Vodacom’s continued commitment to developing the IoT sector, driving innovation in design and connectivity to ensure everyone is connected.

Curve GPS tracker combines leading industrial design and connectivity technologies to increase digital inclusivity and enhance everyday life for customers. Users can set up and use Curve from the Vodafone Smart App (available in the Apple App Store and Android Play Store), to seamlessly experience the full functionality. 

“Now more than ever, people want to stay connected to what matters to them the most, the new Designed & Connected by Vodacom range is grounded in our relentless mission to connect everyone to the people and the things they love the most. The versatile Curve GPS tracker builds on our existing IoT platforms that provide meaningful solutions to bring a light to everyday living, whether it’s to find a misplaced school blazer, keep up with kids whereabouts, or to track if furry friends have roamed a bit further than they should,” says Johnny Dos Santos, Managing Executive: Products and Services at Vodacom.

Curve combines form, functionality, and durability whilst allowing users to monitor their loved ones and possession in real time on the app map as well as being able to see a location history, all within one location, the Vodafone Smart App. It is connected by a built-in Vodafone Smart SIM, which enables smartphone alerts and updates to be sent even when the device is used from a distance or abroad. *The Smart SIM roams in over 100 countries around the world without any extra charges - sim

To provide a more reliable connection both indoors and out, Curve uses four different tracking technologies, namely GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth, and notifies users when the device leaves or enters a customisable location zone. Multiple zones can be set-up in the Vodafone Smart App to suit the needs of the user.

“What’s most exciting about Curve is that it reflects how as a techco business we are making smart tech technologies more accessible. Through built-in connectivity and innovative design, our Designed & Connected by Vodacom solutions solve numerous customer needs, fitting effortlessly into everyday life to create an unrivalled range of smart devices,” concludes Dos Santos. 

To get more information about the Curve, or upcoming consumer smart tech solutions under the Designed & Connected by Vodacom, visit

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Curve tracker keeping customers connected to things they love | Vodacom Group