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Vodacom Launches Affordable Student Bundles, Empowering Youth to stay connected during Youth Month

Monday, 19 June 2023

Vodacom has introduced a new range of mobile data bundles designed for students who are on Vodacom's NXT LVL proposition.

These student bundles are launched to offer relief at a time when the cost of living keeps rising and the interest rate is at a 14-year high, putting immense pressure on our already burdened youth segment.

Accessible bundles include a 5GB All Access data bundle bolted with a 5GB Night Owl bundle for only R49, valid for 14 days. High data users can get access to a 30GB All Access data bundle, which comes with an additional 30GB Night Owl bundle at only R199 valid for 30 days. Available this Youth Month until 30 June via the Just 4 You personalised engine. Dial the *123# USSD string to access these bundles, which are designed to keep students connected as they prepare for their mid-year academic exams.

""Mobile data has become an indispensable part of students' lives and it enables them to access educational resources, communicate with fellow students, friends and family and explore opportunities beyond their tertiary institutions while ensuring they continue to participate in the digital economy,""says Rishaad Tayob, Consumer Business Director at Vodacom South Africa.

""As we recognise the challenges young people face in the country - from the rising costs of living and unemployment, our approach is to ensure we provide value by offering them propositions that respond to their everyday struggles. Giving them affordable connectivity solutions is one way to address their daily struggles,""adds Tayob.

  Integrated Data Bundle  All Access
Night Owl  Validity  Bundle Price 
5GB All Access + 5GB Night Owl
5GB  5GB  14 Days  R49,00 
10GB All Access + 10GB Night Owl
10GB  10GB  30 Days  R79,00 
15GB All Access + 15GB Night Owl
15GB  15GB  30 Days  R129,00 
20GB All Access + 20GB Night Owl
20GB  20GB  30 Days  R149,00 
25GB All Access + 25GB Night Owl
25GB  25GB  30 Days  R179,00 
30GB All Access + 30GB Night Owl
30GB  30GB  30 Days  R199,00 

The NXT LVL proposition is designed to respond to the needs of young people under the age of 25.

Early this month, Vodacom launched exclusive rewards for NXT LVL customers through the VodaBucks rewards programme to ensure customers unlock additional value and additional benefits from SA's leading network.  Also on promotion until the end of July, Vodacom, in partnership with YouTube, introduced mobile data and voice bundles bolted with a YouTube data allocation for qualifying customers to enjoy streaming content on this platform.  This value comes at the back of a long-standing relationship that Vodacom has with YouTube.

Reward partners offer a catalogue of offers from a range of brands – covering convenient foods from brands such as Krispy Kreme and Vida e Caffé as well as educational brands such as Upskillist to ensure customers are plugged into connectivity and skills.

""In line with our overall purpose of connecting everyone, including students to a better future, we are pleased to make a meaningful contribution, not just through technology solutions but through products that enhance their daily lifestyle,""concludes Tayob.

Vodacom remains committed to driving innovation and social progress, especially for the younger segment of the market. By introducing these student-focused data bundles, Vodacom aims to inspire a positive change in South Africa's educational landscape and empower the country's youth to seize opportunities for personal and professional growth.

For more information, visit NXT LVL  to view the student bundles' terms and conditions.

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Vodacom Launches Affordable Student Bundles, Empowering Youth to stay connected during Youth Month | Vodacom Group