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Vodacom gives Mokutung community in Limpopo the power of the internet

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Today, Vodacom donated three WebBoxes to the community in Mokutung Village in Limpopo, giving the previously unconnected community direct access to the internet.

"The power of the internet is invaluable and connectivity has the potential to transform education and accelerate economic and job growth in this country," says Joe Dlamini, Managing Executive for Vodacom in the Limpopo region.

"We are proud to be donating these devices to the Mokutung Village.  It will ensure better education and access to information for learners and the community as a whole," he said.

The WebBox is aimed at getting more South Africans connected to the internet. It looks like a keyboard and can be plugged straight into a television by making use of wireless technology that turns the TV set into a data device with internet access, games, email, SMS and FM radio.

The device is designed to give unconnected communities access to basic internet access and is part of Vodacom's commitment to ensuring that more communities and people in the country are able to leverage the information, access and contact that the internet provides.

Two WebBoxes were given to the Kgaola Secondary School and one to the Mokutung Primary School.  Another additional WebBox was given to the community tribal office. The WebBoxes in the schools have access to educational material that is specific to the Department of Education's curriculum and designed to supplement traditional classroom resources and help train teachers as well as educate learners.

"Both teachers and learners will benefit from this connection to the internet," says Dlamini. "We believe that technology will play a bigger role in education in the future.  Already we seeing both learners and teachers use their mobile phones to supplement their learning and it makes sense to extend this to areas that don't have access to the internet."

In addition to the WebBoxes, Vodacom is also donating a container with will be used as a library and that will house landline access to Kgaola Secondary School.  

Studies have shown that a 10% increase in internet access adds 1.3% to a country's GDP growth and Vodacom is committed to helping develop this opportunity to grow the economy and improve the lives of all South Africans.

Vodacom works closely with technology companies, NGOs and all levels of government to find innovative ways to apply its technology and expertise to accelerate and broaden the delivery of educational training, solutions and services.


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