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Digital society

We believe in the power of connectivity and digital services to strengthen economic resilience. We connect people, enterprises and communities through our mobile and fixed networks, thus expanding opportunities.

A digital society realises the benefits of communication, facilitates inclusion and enables access to other services through digital technology. We acknowledge the significant digital divide in Africa and believe that for a digital society to flourish, it must be inclusive.

We create digital societies by continuously developing our fixed and mobile network, relevant platforms and services, and supporting innovative, impactful projects and programmes.

Digitalising business

We provide products and services to enhance enterprise processes and efficiency. We focus on SMEs with products and services tailored to their needs.

  • Supporting small enterprises

    SMEs are critical in supporting economic growth and employment. We provide business support and innovative technology to foster their development. We support entrepreneurs, start-ups, small enterprises and our SME suppliers by providing connectivity, tailored platforms, solutions, products and services, training, and financial support. We connect SMEs through guidance on available solutions, advice and best practice information, improving their digital readiness. We use advancements in cloud technology, IoT and Big Data to develop digital solutions, enabling enterprise customers to build connected supply chain networks.

    The VodaPay super-app in South Africa combines our capabilities across consumers and merchants in payments, lending, insurance and e-Commerce, and provides exposure to new growth verticals such as savings and investments.

    The VodaLend platform in South Africa continues to extend credit to SMEs. Vodacom Financial Services introduced VodaLend Business Cash Advance, which provides finance to smaller unregistered enterprises in need of quick access to short-term cash advances of up to R1.5 million.

    Kwika in South Africa is a mid-priced point of sale device that enables SMEs to process debit and credit card payments, and offer value-added services to consumers. Kwika gives business owners access to Vodacom Financial Services’ products and solutions, including merchant reporting through the online merchant portal and VodaPay super-app.

    Vodacom Business Tickets in South Africa provides SME owners with data packages for business-critical online applications, such as email, navigation and cloud storage. This enables enterprises to connect employees, while reducing data misuse, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

    M-Pesa SME solutions (outside of South Africa) is a payment platform that offers access to personal services and simplifies and expands access to e-Commerce. SMEs can manage business transactions, pay salaries and pensions, and receive subsidies and government grants. These solutions reduce the risks of carrying cash. The M-Pesa super-app in Tanzania and Kenya connects various SMEs, including retailers, restaurants, and food delivery and transport service providers.

    M-Pesa Lipa kwa Simu (pay by phone) in Tanzania supports digitised payments and a cashless society, helping SMEs avoid the burden and risks of carrying cash.

    Digitalising enterprises

    We leverage IoT.nxt’s expertise and partner with enterprises to accelerate their growth and transform their businesses through digital technology and IoT. We offer digital solutions to the mining, fast-moving consumer goods, logistics, health, e-learning and agriculture sectors, among others.

    Smart metering enables automated readings, billing integration, interface and consumption profiles through a cloud-based platform that can be remotely controlled.

    Our smart asset management solution in South Africa facilitates remote monitoring and the optimal management and maintenance of assets, while enabling compliance with accounting standards.

    Our fleet management solutions in South Africa, Tanzania and the DRC, allow companies to maintain full visibility of their assets and use data analysis to improve efficiencies and manage risks.

    Our Connected Worker solution in South Africa is a track-and-trace wearable device with a linked data insights dashboard that gives real-time feedback to health and safety officers.

Digitalising critical sectors

We focus on digitalising critical sectors in line with our Social Contract and the broader impact these solutions can have on individuals, communities, and the planet.

  • Digitalising agriculture

    We partner with our digital technology subsidiary, Mezzanine, to cocreate digital solutions. Mezzanine’s eVoucher solutions provide a secure and transparent way of distributing cashless vouchers that can only be used to purchase certain products from vetted and approved service points or retailers.

    MYFARMWEB™ is a cloud-based web platform allowing producers to capture key agriculture data into a system that aggregates and calibrates the information to aid decision-making.

    eVuna is a product that connects small-holder farmers to information, inputs, financial services (credit, insurance), and buyers at scale.

    E-vouchering enables governments and organisations to issue safe and verifiable subsidy programmes to large and often unbanked consumer bases at scale.

    Connected Farmer, enables smallholder farmers to access agricultural inputs, financial products, logistics suppliers, markets, and knowledge.

    M-Kulima is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for agricultural stakeholders. It facilitates communication and cooperation between farmers, government and the private sector.

    Digitalising healthcare

    Digital connectivity enables the delivery of critical healthcare services. Technology can increase efficiency for providers and be more inclusive for patients. We support health and social care providers across the world to benefit from the opportunities that digital tools and better access to data offer.

    eLABS in South Africa improves testing, analysing and reporting in laboratories with electronic monitoring of sample locations, replacing paper-based pathology management.

    Stock Visibility Solution addresses inefficiencies in medicine supply chains by providing digital data and real-time reporting of drug stock levels to reduce drug stock-outs.

    AitaHealth in South Africa, developed in partnership with the University of Pretoria, is a community health application that fosters community wellness and provides tailored medical services.

    Leap Communicator in Tanzania and Kenya, a partnership with African Medical and Research Foundation, provides training to healthcare workers via text and audio messages on a feature phone and smart device, enabling students to exchange information.

    The mHealth platform is a Tanzania Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children initiative that sends free health messages and reminders to visit a healthcare facility.

    Vodafone Egypt’s Health Information System supports Egypt’s new Universal Health Insurance system, which is aimed at giving Egyptian citizens full access to healthcare. In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Deloitte Centre of Health, the platform will expand the use of Vodafone Cash for patients.

Digitalising government

We develop digital services, platforms and business solutions that amplify government productivity and efficiency and enable better connectivity with citizens.

Facilitating digital systems for efficiency and administration

Our digital solutions enhance business processes and efficiency. They are used by government departments, state-owned entities and municipalities.

SmartGov in South Africa automatically responds to parliamentary questions and compliance obligations while improving accountability and the execution of director-general.

Smart electricity metering supports municipalities through meter installation and bill verification from bulk suppliers, improving revenue collection and overcoming legacy infrastructure, meter reading and incorrect tariffing issues.

M-Pesa in Tanzania was selected to support the government’s disbursement to support poor families under the Tanzania Social Action Fund. Payments are made directly to mobile wallets, or over the counter to those without mobile devices.

Enhancing communication between government and citizens

Enhancing communication between government and citizens supports the public sector in engaging with stakeholders, understanding their needs and improving and managing service delivery.

My SAPS app, in partnership with the South African Police Service, is a zero-rated app that enables citizens to report criminal activities in real time and send reports to the police, supporting effective and efficient crime reporting and prevention in communities.

Accident and incident management: Citizens report traffic incidents such as motor vehicle accidents, road obstructions, dangerous goods spillage and reckless driving to the Department of Transport.

Mpilo zero-rated: Patients, doctors and the Department of Health communicate through the app. This improves coordination in tracking issues logged by patients and hospitals.

CCMAConnect: Users can track and trace cases and lodge complaints and compliments. The app has event information and contacts details.

Creating smarter cities

We can leverage digitalisation to address the challenges of people living in cities, who make up 55% of the world’s population. Vodacom partners with municipal governments to transform local government utility management through smart asset management solutions. Our data platform and IoT solutions make cities smarter by, for example, intelligently managing energy use and community safety.