Vodacom Business helps our enterprise customers work smarter, whether it's a small or home office, a small to medium enterprise, a large corporate or a public sector entity. As a first-tier connectivity and network provider, and through our cloud facilities, we make it possible to manage bandwidth requirements seamlessly over guaranteed fixed-line and wireless connections. We can also work with customers to put together a combination of services that meet their needs and support the security and integrity of their businesses. This in turn can help them to become more efficient and save costs

We provide connectivity as well as internet and virtual private network services to our customers over a variety of wireless, fixed-line, satellite, mobile and converged technologies. We also offer hosted cloud services, combining our experience and track record in delivering both traditional and utility-based services with the latest emerging technologies.

Enterprise mobility is the management of the increasingly diverse array of mobile devices, wireless networks and related services, to broaden the use of mobile computing in business. To achieve this goal, it brings together the relevant people, processes and technology.

Unified communication enables the secure integration of real time and non-real time communications across multiple channels, providing a consistent and seamless unified interface and experience. Through unified communications we can converge multiple communication services anywhere, anytime and on any platform.

Machine to machine communications, also known as M2M or telemetry, lets devices communicate with each other via built-in mobile SIM cards. This allows key information to be automatically exchanged without human intervention, making it possible to reduce costs and improve efficiency and services.

mHealth lets healthcare providers broaden access and improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare through the innovative use of managed services. Healthcare providers can implement their own employee- and patient-management solutions at clinics or even at a patient's home, whether in urban or rural areas.

mEducation is all about taking a cloud based approach to solving education challenges. It's a platform that integrates various sources, formats and teaching methods to provide the most appropriate education solutions to the right areas.

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