The Vodacom Enterprise Business Unit forms part of the enterprise arm of Vodacom Group. It delivers total communication solutions to meet the needs of the public sector, and large, medium and small enterprises. In your role as a Business Advisor, you will focus on growing our customer base in the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) customer segment. As a first-tier connectivity and network provider, and through our cloud facilities, the Enterprise Business Unit makes it possible to manage bandwidth requirements seamlessly over guaranteed fixed-line and wireless connections. We can also work with customers to put together a combination of services that meet their needs and support the security and integrity of their business, and help them to become more efficient and save costs

Where do I fit into the big picture?

As part of the Enterprise Business Unit family, you will assist us in achieving our objective of being the Total Communications Provider for SOHO and SME customers in South Africa. You will work with existing SOHO and SME customers, you will follow up on leads and refer leads that you are unable to action yourself, and you will cross-sell and upsell our products. Part of your role includes ensuring that our products are made available through our partners to improve the experience of existing SOHO and SME customers by offering Office 365, One Net Express, Vodacom Satellite Connect and all SOHO/SME propositions to come.


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